A New Hosting Provider since Summer 2013

Almost a year without any new posts. How time flies.

In the summer last year as my yearly contract with my hosting provider was due for renewal, I noticed that the price for a Virtual Windows Server 2012 had come down considerably. After a month's trial with Netcetera which went well I decided on AspNetHosting.co.uk. I chose them because they allow me to take up to 5 snapshots of the virtual image, and restore myself on demand. One hosting provider wanted to charge £99 for that! Whereas the yearly price of about £240 is more than shared hosting, it has proved to be much more fun, and equally - perhaps more so - reliable. It might be on the bit of the slow side and I wouldn't want to use for a really active site, but 4 processors, 2GB Ram and 80G disk was a good deal, and better than their current offering for plan B. It is a pity that more disk space would be quite expensive, as I'd love to use OwnCloud for my own cloud backup service.

So I intend to keep it for my Blog and SQL Server, and look forward to more price reductions as the competition is large. It confirms my belief that Windows Server 2012 is a good relaible product with excellent virtualisation technology.

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