Caliburn.Micro and SimpleContainer

If you don’t want to use a fully fledged IoC container, then you can use the simple one Caliburn.Micro contains. It’s needed to support the Windows Phone development, but works with WPF, which is my interest.  It’s a source release, and you can get from Nuget, as Caliburn.Micro.Container.

Of course, Caliburn.Micro has it’s own direct access to any IoC, like this in a ViewModel ctor:-

public ShellViewModel()
windowsmgr = Caliburn.Micro.IoC.Get<IWindowManager>();

But it makes testing difficult and this direct use should be avoided.

What SimpleContainer allows you to do is this:-

public ShellViewModel(IEventAggregator events, IWindowManager wm)
{ = events;
this.windowsmgr = wm;

Where SimpleContainer will inject the EventAggregator and WindowManager automatically, if set up in the Bootstrapper.

I’m attaching two examples, which work with CM 1.4.1, and for VS2012 and Net4.5.
One I wrote myself, and the other was added as a sample within Caliburn.Micro’s discussions, which I’ve updated.

It’s easier for you to read the code in the examples than for me to write any more here.

Have fun! (2.81 mb) (2.81 mb)

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